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Motorcycle News: ELF EMFs and Motorcycle Cancer: WHAT NEXT?

Concerning various ELF EMF radiations the best advice doctors are giving is “prudent avoidance” of exposure as with other potential carcinogens.

ELF EMFs disrupt melatonin which is our body’s natural hormone for fighting cancer-growth. The gastrointestinal tract is a major synthesizer of melatonin for immune system assistance. Millions of motorcyclists are having their main source of melatonin showered with ELF EMF magnetic fields.

Promotion of any hereditary cancer progression is of concern. Prostate cancer, testicular cancer and colon cancer are relevant as the groin is the first invaded by motorcycle ELF EMF magnetic field radiation.

Melatonin disruption can affect cancer-growth inhibition at locations anywhere throughout the body. Melatonin compromise is certainly relevant to hormone-dependent responsive tissues such as mammary epithelial tissue, ovarian tissue and prostate tissue. Along with melatonin suppression ELF EMFs are linked to hormonal disruption including estrogen elevation and testosterone reduction respectively increasing the risk for breast cancer, testicular cancer, prostate cancer, etc.

Of further concern are motorcycle generated ELF EMFs that reach the breast area. Various types of ELF EMF radiations are linked to interfering with certain breast cancer medication. Regarding ELF EMF magnetic fields showering our torsos, it is also reasonable to be concerned about other types of cancers and medications. Cancer survivors who love to ride need to be aware of this information. On the road to recovery one needs to ensure a favorable biological environment for proper functioning of the immune system, lymph system, melatonin, etc. Electromagnetic homeostasis is essential in assisting restoration of our natural defense mechanisms.

Conquering cancer requires our utmost attention concerning any potential cancer causation, cancer-growth promotion or cancer medication disruption.


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