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Motorcycle News – ELF EMFs – Motorcycle Cancer – WHAT NEXT?

Thanks to courageous and responsible journalism a more educated society is evolving regarding electromagnetic exposures and health issues. Our bodies function with very subtle electromagnetic natural energies. Cumulative ELF EMF magnetic excessive radiation invasion interferes with melatonin and biochemical processes initializing illness promotion over time. Many governments are now adopting the Precautionary Principle regarding various electromagnetic field radiations and public harm.

Regarding ELF EMF health risk assessment the Precautionary Principle is only effective if consumers are provided with proper information. Motorcycle industry publication of ELF EMF emission penetrating up through motorcycle seats would be a major step. Another option would be to place a label on each motorcycle revealing the level of ELF EMF magnetic radiation penetrating into the rider’s groin. This would assist consumers (especially avid rider cancer survivors) in making personal decisions regarding excessive ELF EMF radiation close exposure.

ELF EMF safer electrical designs are needed during motorcycle manufacturing. Relocating excessive ELF EMF magnetic field radiation producing components (spark-coils, oscillating-current electrical systems, etc.) from immediately beneath motorcycle seats needs to be considered. Closeness to the ELF EMF source and exposure duration are key elements regarding health risk assessment.

Integrity must prevail over complacency and conventionalism. The spirit of motorcyclist safety needs to encompass emerging technological health issues to confirm consumer confidence.


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